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Barcelona's Lionel Messi reveals dream of joining Newell's Old Boys

The Argentina international has admitted that he wants to return to his homeland to play for the Rosario-based side, and has labelled Diego Maradona as the best player ever.

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sokrates4638d ago

Not a shocker. When he is 35 and fat:)

kulka4638d ago

hahaha all the players from Latin america want to finish their career's at a club they began in or same country

sdtarm4638d ago

but he began in barcelona???

maybe, he really feels like playing for his birthplace team and thats it

freeduck4638d ago

I think he played for Newells when he was really really young. Not too sure though

RedDevils4638d ago

No, he start at Newell's Old Boys since 1995 as a youth for like 5 years until he sign a professional contract with Barca in 2004, but were at the club since 2000


Well this is going to make some Newell's fans really excited.
By the way what kind of name for a team is Newell's Old Boys? That doesn't even sound Argentinian.

FlashXIII4638d ago

Sounds like an anti-wenger club to me lol