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Best 2011 Football Players

All Soccer fans, here this amazing list of the top 10 soccer players in the 2011. They are no doubt the BEST! Their techniques and tactics are mind blowing, their control on the ball is so magical that make you say wow man how he did this?
So let us take a look at them

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jak3y13oy3949d ago

I wonder who it is by looking at the picture.. :L

messi is an amazing player though and he still has 10(maybe more) years ahead of him :P

Sameh3949d ago

Dude, this article sucks. Fucking copy and paste from Wikipedia.

Sameh3949d ago

Haha, Drogba better than Iniesta? Don't make me laugh.

Theo11303949d ago

How is Kaka in this list, he was horrible; to the point where Madrid were going to sell him for 30 mil, what about luiz suarez, Diego forlan, Edision Cavani, Radamel Falcao, Herandez, Ozil, Ever Banega, horrible article, Just because some of them are big names, does not mean they should be on any list.

RGB3949d ago

The article is lame as hell but have you even watched Kaka play?

He has a decent goals to games record; 40/16. Nearly 1 in every 2 games which he has played plus he's had injury on top of injury. When Madrid beat Zaragoza 6-0, Kaka was subbed on and scored within 4 minutes.

Kaka is still world class, he's just been unluckily with injuries over the years.

Danteh3949d ago

you're wrong, I live in Spain and everybody agrees that Kaka is completely finished. Just look at him, you can't just make 1 good match out of 10. He's like Ronaldinho was at his final year in Barça...

sdtarm3948d ago

true, theo's got all the names that should be listed in the list, plus messi and CR, maybe a couple more thats it

XboxInnovation3949d ago

This article sucks, he has a pic of Eto'o in a Barca jersey. This guys is clearly living in like 2008-2009.

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