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Header scored from own half … a new football record?

"Today in the Norwegian league, Jone Samuelsen scored for Odd against Tromso," begins Jostein Nygard. "In a last, desperate attempt to equalise the Tromso keeper joined in the attack during a corner. To put a short story shorter, the ball was thumped upfield by Odd, then headed back into Odd's half by a Tromso defender. Samuelsen, who was standing a couple of yards within his own half, headed the ball back towards one of his players, but missed. Instead the ball rolled into an empty net. So my question is: What is the greatest distance someone has headed a ball into the goal?"

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Corepred44451d ago

Wow! What the...! Header from half field! lol That was great! I don't think that'll be replicated in xx years!

Sahil4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

not even Maroune chamakh can replicate it.. lol

kane_lfc4450d ago

My dad could score that in the Norwegian league lol

Sahil4450d ago

this has got to be a wonder goal.