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Lionel Messi's presence makes Barcelona a better team than Spain, claims Franz Beckenbauer

The German legend has voiced his admiration for both the Champions League holders and the World Cup winners, but says the Catalans are better because of their star player

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Corepred44575d ago

Too bad Messi can't make Argentina a better team.

Nes_Daze4575d ago

He does actually, he makes tons of assists that most others on the team rarely do or execute horribly. Argentina needs Messi just as bad as it needs Higuain or any other top player.

Corepred44575d ago

No not really. You can tell by the last gold cup that even with messi there, argentina couldn't do anything.

Gamer19824575d ago

Messi works in Barcas system the problem with Argentina is the other players cannot play Barcas system they tried on Copa America and failed HORRIBLY. In the world cup they tried a regular system under Maradonna and Messi although played well in that system didn't play as great as the system used by Barca. So that's the problem with him in Argentina. You can suit Messi but not Argentina it sucks but that's the truth.

Idree4575d ago

Lol he actually does a lot.

Imagine Argentina without Messi, they would crumble without a creative midfielder for assists.

Cause now they have Messi constantly dropping back to assist the other strikers and wingers who are constantly up front (Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero.

Argentina looks like an English team, playing long ball games imho, with only 1 real passer <- Messi

Nes_Daze4575d ago

Well they only lost against Uruguay, the team that won the South American cup and got fourth place in the last world cup, not bad if you ask me. As for Messi, some of the goals that Higuain and Aguero made were thanks to Messi's accurate passes, but I admit that I would want to see him do more then just pass. He did make a goal against Chile in their last game, so I guess we'll have to give him some time.

RedDevils4575d ago

Aregentina been playing that that passing tika style for ages, remember this

kane_lfc4573d ago

Messi is awful for Argentina and everyone knows it.

kulka4573d ago

there is a reason why Messi is not at his best for Argentina he plays way too deep

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