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Highlights: Malaga 0-4 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division - 22/10/11)

(0-1) Gonzalo Higuaín 11'
(0-2) Cristiano Ronaldo 23'
(0-3) Cristiano Ronaldo 28'
(0-4) Cristiano Ronaldo 38'

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Sahil3905d ago

The second goal's celebration can be classified as the gayest celebration ever.. lol

ad4mb3905d ago

best* :D haha is pretty gay...

RedDevils3905d ago

lol so true f**king gay

Corepred43905d ago

Is this one of those situations where if CR7 were black his little dance would have been acceptable? Maybe even 'cool'? lmao

Infernostew3905d ago

Madrid payed all that money for players other than Ronaldo... hah. Just have him play all 11 spots.

Anderson83905d ago

it had been a game or two since ronaldo got a hattrick.. guess he wanted to share the limelight with his teammates for a while