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Vidic, Cole and Johnson aren't rejects...they were quality players who served their clubs well and went to Italy for an easier time of things due to age, injury etc. Torres didn't quite work out here, but even he was part of a Champions League winning side in the last 5 years while Italian teams didn't have a sniff of it.
And hey, Liverpool signed Balotelli and he's not exactly setting the world on fire either...perhaps we should stop buying Italian rejects?

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I don't think so...he's stated numerous times that he'd only go to Manchester United if he came back to England. I see no reason to doubt that's still true. They were a huge part of his development into a top class player, and I think he feels an affection for the Club. He's scored against them, and he's always respectful rather than celebrating. If he comes back to the'll only be with Man United.

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Little git still doesn't want to take responsibility for his idiotic actions...way too many people are like this nowadays. Pay the fine and move on you little worm.

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I agree, Argentina are going to be a lot tougher than Brazil to break down, and I don't see them collapsing if they do concede, but I think Germany are too strong for them. 2-0 to Germany for me, I think the Germans will easily contain Messi, and Argentina won't be able to break through a German defence that is far superior to Holland's.

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What do you get out of posting like this? I assume you're not a jabbering mental patient in real life, so why post like one? You realise how stupid this makes you look, right?

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His deal with the Devil is coming to an end, and the talent he has is now taking a physical toll.

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I don't agree at all....Fergie had most of those same players when he won the title the season before. Other teams have improved, yes, but a title winning side does not become as instantly poor as United have been this season, even in the face of other teams getting their act together.
Moyes needs time, but he shouldn't be saying things like this when that team of title winners has been performing so poorly under his charge.

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The US hosted the World Cup in 1994, and their league is actually at a pretty decent standard now, with players like Thierry Henry plying their trade there. They would be a reasonable choice, just like Germany or Japan. I'd love the UK to get it as I live there, but there's nothing wrong with any of those locations.

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I love it when players do this kind of stuff, the lack of self-awareness is incredible. Last I checked, Koscielny was an integral part of the team, and so, part of the reason why they didn't win a trophy again.
In effect, he's passing the responsibility onto everyone else in the team, and the manager as well.
You wouldn't even mind so much if he'd performed exceptionally well throughout the whole season, but he really hasn't. He's been serviceable, ju...

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That's what happens when you're used to winning I become an extremely bad loser unable to give credit where it's due.
When you've been so thoroughly outplayed, it's hard to claim you're the better team. A better team would be able to cope better with the loss of a few key players. Manchester United only lost the title to Manchester City on goal difference last season, despite so many of their central defenders being injured throughout the season...

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100% agree with you. Great players have come to the EPL and have floundered badly for a variety of reasons. Torres DID play well for Liverpool initially, but something changed in him there that has led to the disaster of a player that he is now.

Any other player in that sort of form and mindset would be dropped, but Torres has to play at Chelsea because Roman spent £50 million on him. Ivanovich mistakes cost them two goals, that much is true, but a decent striker may ...

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@karim, he actually wasn't onside by the letter of the law as it's now defined. If any part of the body with which a player can score is beyond the line of the last defender, it is offside.
As daft as I think it is, Ba was offside because his leg was ahead of the defender. That's how the FA want the rule defined, and technically he was offside.

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@goku32359, in regards to Torres starting, that may not be the managers decision to make unfortunately. Roman Abramovich wants Torres to start, that's why Benitez was brought in in the first place, as he was able to get the best out of the player at Liverpool.

Until Abramovich stops hampering the manager by forcing him to play a player who 90% of the time doesn't turn up, things won't improve at Chelsea.

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No, the idiot is the moron that threw the coin. Players are allowed to celebrate all they like, fans can give them all the abuse they like, but throwing stuff with intent to injure is simply not excusable. You fail for even trying to defend it.

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United will get some defensive cover in January...I don't think there'll be a collapse like last year (at least I hope not). Was a damn good game though, and good to see City fans slamming that idiot that almost blinded a man...agreed, no place for that.

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No way, he was wrong footed by Rooney scuffing the shot slightly. His weight was all on the other side as he thought Rooney would shoot to the left of him. Joe Hart is a top keeper, but once you're on the wrong foot it's very hard to re-adjust.

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It's a sportsmanship thing, there's no law against it in the rules. Really though, Shakhtar should have allowed the opposition to score one in return as it was clearly the wrong thing to do...and Adriano knew it.

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Chelsea have had several big name managers that should have had the respect of the didn't matter to said big players though as they know they have an owner who is blinded by past accomplishment and will side with them if they complain enough.
You can pretty much pinpoint precisely when a Chelsea manager has annoyed some of the senior figures in the dressing room, as the players start slacking off on the pitch and results start to suffer.
Torres especially has...

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You have a point regarding the academy idea, a lot of the reason for the English Premier League being as good as it is is the sheer number of foreign players in every team. Good English players are still coming through, they're often simply not playing enough due to the importing of foreign players who are better, stunting their development.

But, Sweden are not chopped liver. They are a good team with a lot of skilful players at their disposal.

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Agreed, such quality. There are players on the England team that can pull off similar skill, but they never seem to show it when called up to the main team.

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