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nice <3 you mum :D

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Brazil need to go back to basics imo start picking players from there own leagues to play for there national squad give them a lot more playing time together and seriously forget about trying to make them play like European squads. They need to look at the Brazil's off the past as a landmark to build from. Then pray they can find some quality again. Money is killing today's game and when you see a side like Brazil that has so many high paided individuals that can't kick a ball tog...

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games unfair sand in eyes -_- how can you stop some one when your blind -_-

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@Sandmano Ronaldo never turns up at finals he always bottles it he will do the work on the way up but come the big game Ronaldo will disappear.

Its been proven time and time again. Did it at United still doing it at Mardid. Lad has got a Kryptonite and its the important games. did it at the last euros for Portugal came to there last game he bottled his pen handed it off on the rest off the team. Ever other champions league final hes been in he has been a ghost.

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As long as it hasn't chewed the cards its good to go its only a moth its all dust end off the day ;).

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I don't like him much but have to agree with him here. Git actually shows a degree off intelligence i didn't know the scum bucket had -_-. Way off to be depressed again roll on the World cup Roll on Next Season things need a setting right ;).

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cool add

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RIP Tito. Cancer is something that hits close to home to mostly everyone we mostly all know someone that's been taken this way. Always very sad.

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I'm confused is that the Christmas turkey?

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Its to be seen if the past has proven anything a man can't be judged on a seasons work ;) But its frustrating to watch. My opinion not worth much atm cause its been a changing one and it depends on my mood :).

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I can deal with that ;) Liverpool winning the League gonna go find a phonebox to jump off feeling suicidal :(.

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dat commentary id rather barbwire feed threw my ears -_-

"Messi rises up like a salmon out off a stream on a fresh summers day"

COME ON!!! -_- That was just Messi going for a header :D.

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The nightmare becoming reality -_-

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Part off today's game sad but true fact.

Only have to look at the second best player in the world Ronaldo his game is marred with diving.

But hes no where near the only one players seem to think its a legit way to get by in games now.

Have a look at Rooney the other night, lost Bastian Schweinsteiger his place in the next CL leg. I'm completely against this in Football. End off the day it robs us off players in late stages of big c...

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Surely that rising again can be done with a prettier manager :D.

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We have been to worst places before just saying.

But one thing i will add though we did not lose are identity under Moyes hes wrecking the very soul off the club imo.

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Keeper took his eye off the ball never do that as a keeper unless your view is blocked cost him there. Great goal Rooney never looked up instinct ftw.

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Marid where class but god damn Huntelaar's goal that was something special. Goal off the game tbh.

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