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wow... he's amazing.

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Kingpin.. GROUP D for instant.

Who knew Costa Rica was going to lead the group which had.. Uruguay... wait for it... England... and wait for it.... Italy.

Every big team had to struggle against the smaller teams this world cup. "Lost the game. Won our hearts" being the regular anthem this time.

as for Argentina i never expected them to reach this far. i was quite surprised that Germany didn't score 5-0 or something like that. Ar...

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what a match it was..

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i used to be a man u fan.. then i witness the 2009 Man U vs. Barca massacre. Barca practically played around with ManU like how cat plays with a rat.. it was so embarrassing. i mean i know these kind of things happen but not during the UEFA finals. i loved Messi and i still do but when he scored against ManU, i was really pissed off with him.

Anyways... two years later Barca repeated the massacre.

oh well.

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"I named my dog 'Messi' because Messi is the best in the world and so is my dog,"

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i heard David Webb is confused which team to join now.

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time for Barca's managers to wake up and smell the coffee. depending on Messi alone isn't worth it anymore. pretty sad they lost like by 7 goals.

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past did come to haunt Madrid. if they hadn't played so badly in the first leg, they could have easily reached the final (going by how they played the second leg).

Great match. the way the first 15 mins was being played i thought they're going to win. could have scored 3 in the first 15. such great chances. thank god, i'm not a Madrid fan otherwise i would have got a heart attack.

anyways let's see what magic Barca will wield tonight.

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just here to see those joyous real madrid fans who were here 24 hours ago.


EDIT: *24 hours ago*

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what was with all that sloshy ground? it looked like there was a pond there. or was i the only one who noticed that?

Messi's presence was forgettable at best. i wonder why he was placed there from the beginning. should have brought him later in the game.

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i had just reached home after a long days work. the game started around 1:15 am [where i stay] i didn't have that particular channel... i watched it online with some foreign commentary.... but WHAT A FREAKING MATCH!!! what's this Barca team i've never seen????

like wow!

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Madrid 3 -0 United.

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i gave you a Disagree. Just like that! q:

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i'm here only because i changed the channel in between for few minutes and they scored two goals. didn't think barca were going to make it.

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it should have been like 5-1 in Bayern's favour. Bayern played really solid. They deserved a win.

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sonic... your comment fails in so many ways.

"mediocre la liga teams". lol.

so much hate.

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nope rattlehead... i realised that Barca is a better team and there's no point blindly supporting a team which does good only in their own league tournament. it's called wisening up.

i'm not a supporter or a fan of Barca... i just love to see them thrash teams from other leagues. that's all.

i would have supported my country/local football team too even if they were playing against bigger and better teams. now.. that's a different story. ...

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