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"Barca until my last breath"


Critical thinking is great. But it dies when everybody decides to nod their heads and agree with each other. It dies when like-minded individuals refuse to question or criticize. It shouldn't matter if I praise something or criticize it, as long as I do it with critical reasoning. Sometimes I am right, sometimes I am wrong but I will never know that until someone criticizes me back. So embrace being wrong and getting questioned. Feel free to ask or challenge anything I say, but please actually challenge it instead of ignoring my posts or hiding behind bubble censorship and disagrees. I'm here for good discussions on football or whatever else. If I point out something I don't like don't assume I'm hating on it. Always Think and Think All Ways. The greatest disservice to yourself is hiding behind a veil of ignorance. My aim isn't to annoy or to get you mad. If I do, it's not my intention so I apologize. Asking questions is not trolling and criticizing something is not being biased.

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