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'I want to leave Tottenham' - Luka Modric paves the way for Chelsea switch

Luka Modric has admitted he wishes to leave Tottenham, and has hinted at the possibility of joining Chelsea this summer.

The Croatian, who has been at White Hart Lane since 2008, was the subject of a £22million bid from the west London club on Wednesday, which was subsequently branded ‘ridiculous’ by manager Harry Redknapp.

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karim4033d ago

Harry Redknapp won't be happy with this.

Yi-Long4033d ago

... I don't think Modric has been all that consistent and great at Tottenham, yet other clubs are somehow convinced he's worth over 20 million bucks.

You can pick up some very nice players overseas for 20 million bucks.

Anderson84033d ago

what games have you been watching? he's been their best player for the last two seasons he runs the midfield for fun in the inflated market he's well worth 30+ mill...

i doubt this is true but if he does want to leave... i say welcome to manchester

guigsy4033d ago

It's not bucks, it's pound sterling.

Yi-Long4033d ago

... but in the games I did watch, he lost alot of possession and he seems very inconsistent.

However, I've felt that way for longer than this season. When Vd Vaart arrived it seemed it had a positive effect on Modric as well, and I was hoping he would now finally reach his full potential, but the last few months he's been a bit disappointing again.

Maybe I just expect more from him, plus I can't stand player who are inconsistent and giving the ball away too easily.

Ofcourse he's got qualities, but like I said, I feel he's very inconsistent.

I'd rather see a player like Honda or Van Bommel.

RedDevils4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

@Yi-Long Do you even watch Spurs played for the last 2 seasons? Probably not to make that bold statement, Modric is one of the most stand out player for Spur when it come to consistent

Van Bommel that guy is DA most inconsistent players, and here you talking about Modric been inconsistent ROFL

karim4033d ago

I agree Yi-Long,Bale is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better.*sarcasm*

Yi-Long4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Where did you see me state that Bale is better!? Let alone consistent.

I'm saying that Modric is a bit too inconsistent for a team that wants to compete for the league-title, and that I often see him lose the ball too easily.

That's all.

I'm not saying he's a BAD player. Sometimes he's great, sometimes he's invisible. Hence 'inconsistent'.

I feel he could do much better, but I also feel he hasn't shown it, consistently, at Spurs these last few seasons.

Which is why I'm saying if Spurs can get a nice sum of money for him, then they should obviously take it and find a suitable player to replace him, of which there should be plenty.

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zeddy4033d ago

never noticed him against the big teams goes missing sometimes but who doesnt? he's still spurs best midfielder, plus he cost spurs 16.5 mil and he hasnt gotten worse. £25-28 mil would seem fair in this market.

kulka4033d ago

He will be angry but if they get over 20 milion for him they can streghten the team further

RedDevils4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Lol@20ml if that the case United already snatched him :P Anyway if they want to be serious of getting Modric they better pay over his current market asking price

4033d ago
zootang4033d ago

I could always see him in a Chelsea shirt but never a United one. It just didn't look right in my imagination. Nasri would look much better.